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computer humor
Dont Tech Me In
food humor
Eat, Drink and Really Be Merry

home humor
Home Is Where the Dirt Is

middle age humor
Middle Age and Other Mistakes

culture humor
Pop Goes the Culture

Animal and pets humor
What's New, Emu?

education humor
I Was Absent

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Perugia, Italy, An Enchanting Jewel in Umbria's Crown
Follow the adventures of our author, Marjorie Dorfman, in Perugia, Italy, where she lived, played and believe it or not even went to school for more than two years.

The Science of Laughter
Here's a wonderful interview by Tom Ashbrook with author and psychologist Robert Provine on laughter from a scientific point of view. What do we know?

Ultimate Capper
Visit this site for highly recommended links to online gambling, but remember to do it wisely as the shirt you save may be you own.

Pumpkin Halloween Site
A charming site for the whole family, particularly those with children who love Halloween.

Memorial Day Links
This web page represents many sites dedicated to this most important American holiday. Visit and learn everything you can.

Chinese New Year Celebrations
Visit this fascinating site and celebrate Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with all of the trimmings!

Pyro Universe
Here you will enter the fascinating world of fire works. This site contains basic information, history and the largest online glossary of fireworks terms!

The My Hero Project
A most interesting site containing the names and information on many famous fathers.

The Holiday Spot
A wonderful site for valentines and all other lovers and a special way to celebrate the holiday.

FunnyTaf – Great free stuff
This site is a labor of love. Hard to believe there could be so MUCH free stuff available on the web!

The Mistletoe Center
A comprehensive, global mistletoe resource for all questions and most answers about this odd little plant.

Find a Grave
Fascinating place to search through thousands of records and find out where everyone in the world (and beyond) is buried. Not for the faint of heart, but should be considered at this haunted time of year!

Flush The Web
This is the only search engine that lists crazy, funny, dumb and weird websites on its database. They do say that all links listed are in some way nuts but clean. You can suggest a favorite of your own.

Mother's Day Sites
A comprehensive site about mothers and their very special day. A must visit for those who observe the celebration.

The Museum of Hoaxes
This unique site provides an almost daily weblog about hoaxes, pranks and fakery of all kinds. Truly interesting!

Marvelicious St. Patrick's Day Page
A charming site commemorating St. Patrick and defining the terms, customs and traditions that are a part of it all. A lovely blend of past and present, and a must see for all wearers of the green!

St Valentine's Day History
A wonderful source for information about many holidays. Scroll down to see the link to Saint Valentine's Day.

Internet News
Interesting site about online shopping during the holiday season. Equipped with elves and Santa himself who troubleshoot and improve the shopping experience as it occurs in the online environment.  a phoon
Here's a whole site devoted to this pose of the human figure. Really worth a visit.

Playing with Time
Visit the Gallery of Time to see amazing movies that show the changing world around us. Take a walk on the sliding scales of time. Go on an in-depth exploration of a place in time. The blink of an eye in slo-mo!

Grant's Central Station
Not to be missed! The "Dancing Baby", the tribute to "Burma Shave", the wonderful intro with music . . . Go!

Darwin Awards
Do you know about The Darwin Awards? The annual honor given to the person who did the gene pool the biggest service by killing themselves in the most extraordinarily stupid way. Of necessity, the honor is bestowed posthumously.

Red Meat
Max Cannon is the artist and dark humorist. His cartoons inhabit that place where compelling comics always dwell--its own private universe, operating by its own demented rules.

Sluggy Freelance
A cartoonist site with a following: forums, chat. fans . . . another "must see"!

Brad Templeton's rec.humor.funny is billed as the net's oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup. The home page features descriptions and history of rec.humor.funny, access to current and old jokes, a searchable archive of past jokes, and an index of other funny web pages.